"Hardware is hard, #deeptech is even harder."

But it has potential to solve #climatecrisis + other global problems, says @skel_tech co-founder @tmadiberk at #Latitude59 in Tallinn.

Caveats: great biz model isn't guarantor for success; gov policies in 🇪🇺 still stymie innovation. https://t.co/81NDxbEVnw
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Are you attending @Latitude59? On Thursday at 12.10, @tmadiberk will be on stage where Linnar Viik, chairman of @EIT_Digital, will interview him on "from deep tech to deep purpose: what must Europe focus on to solve global challenges?"

Here's the agenda: https://t.co/A9zPzffX0p https://t.co/coGW06ZhAT
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25 years ago the 500.000th user of https://t.co/Tkzg30Q5ej @waldec was awarded by @toomasmolder with poster where I humbly served as model https://t.co/e0tloGpgFK linnarviik photo
How will #AI and #ML change the way we interact with government and each other? Join the discussion at #egov2022 with @LuukasIlves, @tegmark and @LinnarViik!

👉Register now to ensure your spot at https://t.co/5b54Naf9UE https://t.co/ES61W0acug
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- 1363 startups in Estonia 🔮
- employing 8948 people (+34% year-over-year) 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️
- 417M EUR in turnover (+57%) 🌱
- 907M EUR in investments 💰
- 2 new unicorns 🦄

Read all about it (and more!) from our blog highlighting the IQ of EE startup scene. ⬇️ https://t.co/LFMrgBBnOH
Study: Why Estonian entrepreneurs are so successful https://t.co/TN68Dsd1rT via @estonianworld