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Podcast 🎧 : Legal obstacles to e-government (that don’t exist) https://t.co/9YfkGYTpjH
3 weeks ago
e-Governance worldwide before pandemic - lots of strategies and little action. New normality - lots of action and little strategy
1 month ago
@hannesastok & @linnarviik look behind the #DESI & explain where EU's national governments have succeeded and where they have failed. In this episode, they focus on digital skills and connectivity & explain what the European digital paradox is. Tune in!

1 month ago
It's Digital Government Podcast time! In today's episode, @hannesastok & @linnarviik shed light on the world best driver of digital transformation - the #COVID19 #pandemic. Where the governments could start with take up the momentum? Tune in! https://t.co/2QSSPcIsRc
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🔊The Digital Government Podcast🎙is launched! Tune in every Wednesday on Spotify! In 1⃣ episode @hannesastok & @linnarviik take you through the last 4⃣ decades that shaped #digitaltransformation around the world & take a peek into the future. Tune in!

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#industry40 “New technologies help economies grow, and growth always comes with jobs.” Watch @siemens @BuschRo on the role of digital in Europe’s industry future. Click to watch on our Youtube channel 👉 https://t.co/Jf6xi7XO68 @EU_Growth
#DigitalEU #Manufacturing https://t.co/0HTgDuAs6s
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