6 hours ago
In a job setting, social capital is accumulated by working in the presence of others, and depleted during virtual interactions. Teams relying on social capital suffer most from pandemic https://t.co/baQHb5Kppv
18 hours ago
Leppesse on kirja saanud 26+ digiteemalist eesmärki. Nende elluviimiseks plaanib valitsus vähemalt 10 aastat püsida

https://t.co/VmfD83jzai #ERR
4 days ago
Travel site: Tallinn is the best place for remote working in 2021 https://t.co/n7SikDscUp via @estonianworld
5 days ago
Happy to see Estonia leading the Index of Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning https://t.co/W58YhQQnAF
3 weeks ago
Recommended reading: "A social-psychological analysis of vandalism: Making sense out of senseless violence" from Stanford Uni https://t.co/phPi8TLGsj https://t.co/g0QoIKegDO linnarviik photo
3 weeks ago
🎙️🎧Are you ready for this year's first episode of the Digital Government Podcast? With @linnarviik we shed light on the #digitaltrends set to shape transformative projects in the public sector in 2021. Tune in! https://t.co/BtvGbMFROH