“China’s global lead extends to 37 out of 44 critical technologies” https://t.co/s59cFBVLms
First time ever the voters preferred e-voting to ballot paper voting to cast their votes in Estonain Parliament elections
When introduced in 2005 we had 1,9% of votes casted over Internet, now 51%. Digital society is new normality that is built over decade
E-hääletamist eelistas esmakordselt üle poole kõigist hääletanutest (hääletamissedeliga hääletanud - 301495, elektrooniliselt hääletanud - 313514) https://t.co/mO8GXGizZ9 #valimised #rk2023
EIT Digital is looking for independent members for its Supervisory Board
Application deadline: February 28, 2023 https://t.co/zeVf6fzij1