4 weeks ago
Are you ready to learn about the new normal of #digitaltransformation and #egovernment? Join 1200 leaders and experts from 140 countries at #egov2021 today! Hurry up to register at https://t.co/iL0GiPxLMW! https://t.co/yFg6oPogoA linnarviik photo
1 month ago
The biggest asset of a country is to have a vision of where you want to be. @linnarviik at Global Digital Development Forum #GDDF2021 https://t.co/V90H505Jpm linnarviik photo
2 months ago
🔥HOT TOPIC: "Creating a Country Digital Transformation Roadmap… that Actually Works"
@linnarviik + @MerleMaigre/ @egovacademy, @kimmorousku, and Nata Goderdzishvili will speak at #GDDF2021 about the universal Digital & Cyber Security Maturity Assessment. https://t.co/BbZjE71kvm https://t.co/tdLWkVWM2R
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2 months ago
Novembris 1989 moodustati digiteemadel valitsuse nõustamiseks Eesti Informaatikanõukogu, millest aegade käigus sai Infoühiskonna Nõukogu ning seejärel e-Eesti Nõukogu. Täna viimane koosolek ning nõukogu saadeti laiali. https://t.co/OsuCtzx0kV linnarviik photo
2 months ago
Perhaps one learning from Estonian unicorn industry is diversity - financial services, telecommunications, sales automation, digital identity to platform services. From the production lines of the Unicorn Factory https://t.co/5QgzhwNx8l