2 days ago
"The one-click country is so 2010's," said @linnarviik to Polish TV journalists and promoted invisible #government with proactive services that don't need clicking at all. #AI #digital #society https://t.co/BkNGdJoEXc linnarviik photo
3 days ago
Digital economy companies from Estonian ecosystem pledge to become climate neutral by 2030 https://t.co/Vwgnw6Z2OH
4 days ago
Heated debate incoming!🔥 #cybersecurity vs #innovation at #dafe2021 Moderated by our head of CyberSecurity policy @raulrikk
Discussed by:
🔹Tanel Tammet from @TallinnTech
🔹 @linnarviik from @egovacademy
🔹 @LauriAllmann from @CybExerTech
🔹Margus Püüa from @HITSAest https://t.co/ZKo1sMqfwp
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1 week ago
Thank you! https://t.co/lRMKiP5QO0
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e-Governance Academy @egovacademy
The General Assembly of @EIT_Digital
elected our programme director Linnar Viik as a their new Chairman. Congratulations! https://t.co/5KaW5T5ssv
2 weeks ago
Estonian President Who Digitized His Country Appointed Adviser to Greek Government https://t.co/NPZhVCwvV5